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Repair GSF Septic System in Indiana

The GSF is used for a repair system in Indiana with limited usable area.

Problem: A two-bedroom home in Lawrence County, Indiana, had a failing system with effluent surfacing around the tank. The site has areas with drainage issues, and previous structures on the property created soil compaction in the remaining usable area. 

Solution: The compacted soils were removed and replaced with 20 inches of Indiana Department of Transportation Spec 23 sand. An Eljen GSF (Geotextile Sand Filter) bed system was designed with an application rate of 0.25 gallon per square foot in the available area, and it has less overall height than a traditional mound. The drainfield consists of 24 A42 GSF units installed in three rows spaced 3.5 feet apart. The overall bed dimensions are 41 by 20 feet. The drainfield final elevation is above grade and flood dosed.

Result: A code-compliant system was installed on the difficult site. The GSF system manages biomat buildup, helping to protect the soils below, and is also able to disperse effluent over the slow soils

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