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Lake Home Uses GSF Bed System for Treatment

A lake home in Kansas replaces sand filter with Eljen GSF to avoid costly maintenance of other treatment technologies.

Lake Home Uses GSF Bed System for Treatment

Problem: A three-bedroom home on Tuttle Creek Lake in Riley County, Kansas, needed to be replaced. The original system, a sand bed installed in the 1970s, had been damaged beyond repair by overgrown trees and brushes; and root intrusion had damaged the pipes. The homeowner didn’t know where the original system was located and wanted a replacement system that wouldn’t require costly maintenance but would provide treatment to protect the nearby lake.

Solution: Tim Schlatter of Alternative Systems of Kansas was able to find the location of the original system and designed a bed system using Eljen GSF, Geotextile Sand Filter, modules in its place. The system consists of 27 A42 modules installed on top of ASTM C33 sand and is gravity-fed.

Result: The system is able to protect the nearby lake by pretreating the effluent to NSF Standard 40, and was quickly installed. The homeowner is happy with the result. 800-444-1359;

This system also served as an onsite training site for area regulators and septic installers.

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