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GSF System a fit for tight space

Eljen GSF used for a site with limited space in Huron County

Problem:  A two-bedroom home in Huron County, Michigan, had limited space for an onsite septic system due to a small lot and a looping driveway that took up most of the yard.  Additionally, the repair site had heavy clay soils and a shallow seasonal high water table 12 inches from grade.

Solution:  Milan Supply worked with the county health department to come up with a solution for the tough site.  The Eljen GSF system was specified due to the lack of space.  The raised system is smaller than a conventional system and was installed by Greg Wares.  Milan Supply provided on-site training.  Then 20 B43 modules were installed in two 40-foot-long laterals.  Effluent is pumped to a distribution box, where it is distributed to the modules through 4 inch perforated pipes.

Result:  The homeowner has a passive treatment system that fits the limited space.  The raised system took up less space than a conventional mound, which saved material costs.

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