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GSF System a Fit for Narrow Lot

Eljen's GSF system a fit for a narrow cottage lot

Commercial System on Chincoteague Island, Virginia

Problem:  An addition to a lakeside cottage on Lake Huron in Sanilac County, Michigan, resulted in the need for a new septic system.  There was limited space on the already narrow lot, which was made marrower by a driveway and an existing shed.  A treatment system was needed in order to fit into the site’s constraints, that in addition to the lot size included heavy soils and a seasonal high water table 18 inches below grade.

Solution:  Weiss Excavating installed a 450 gpd Eljen GSF System.  Milan Supply delivered the units and provided design guidance.  The system is comprised of a bed of 20 B43 units , split into two rows.  The GSF system was elevated due to the season high water table, but was able to go in shallower than a traditional system because of its effluent treatment levels.  After the units were installed on a base of stabilized ASTM C33 sand, pressure latterals were inserted into the 4-inch SDR 35 pipes on top of the units to provide timed dosing.

Result:  The installation was quickly and easily completed.  The system provides a low-maintenance treatment option for sites, and is tested and certified to NSF Standard 40.

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