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Filtration System Proves Successful on Sloped Site

A commercial event and lodging venue in Randolph Kansas uses the Eljen GSF on a challenging site.

PROBLEM: An event and lodging venue in Randolph, Kansas, needed a spetic system for a five-bedroom cabin.  THe available area had a shallow limiting layer, and the owners were looking for a low-maintenance solution that would minimize site impact and limit the amount of borrow material needed to construct an above-grade system.  The site had an 8% slope, with a 0.5 gallon per sqaure foot application rate for pre-treated effluent.

SOLUTION:  Alternative Systems Kansas helped design an above-grade bed using 52 Eljen GSF A42 modules, that applies secondary level treated effluent to the native soil.  The 625 gpd system was able to be gravity fed due to the natural slope of the site.  Jacob Brenner from Brenner Excavating installed the bed system on a base of ASTM C33 sand, using four laterals, with overall dimensions of 24 feet wide by 53 feet long.  Effluent is distributed through 4 inch SDR 35 perforated pipes on top of the modules.  An Eljen-supplied gray geotextile fabric was then laid on top of the rows of modules before backfilling.  The system was covered witha 3:1 slope.

RESULT:  Mature landscaping was preserved, and the cover over the raised system blends in with the existing slope.  THe system treats the effluent to NSF Standard 40, which helps protect the nearby lake.

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