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Eljen Corporation Announces Appointment of New President

Vice President of Product Technology, Government Affairs and General Manager James M. King steps into new role after years of successful growth initiatives.

EAST HARTFORD, Connecticut (April 24, 2018) – Eljen, an onsite solutions company for the treatment and management of septic wastewater, headquartered in East Hartford, Connecticut, announces the promotion of James M. King as President. A leading professional in the wastewater industry, King will focus on continued national and international growth, and driving the development of new technology. 

The move comes following several years of rapid company growth, 100% since 2010. “Jim’s expertise in business management, technical competency and relationship building in the industry and regulatory bodies has led to years of unprecedented growth of the business,” says Mark Bram, Principal.

He continues, “as we bring septic treatment systems to new markets, James will leverage industry best practices and engineering-led sales throughout the company. With this focus, we expect to deliver compelling products and services to our customers now and in the future.”


Prior to joining Eljen, King had an extensive military career with the United States Army, serving two tours in the Middle East as an Officer, and ultimately leading as a Transformation Officer coordinating with the Pentagon on new policies and tactics for combat missions.

“Eljen is an innovative company that has been providing environmentally friendly solutions for septic wastewater treatment for forty years,” says King. “My goals are to continue strengthening the company from the perspective of expanding to new markets and developing new products that address the present and future challenges of wastewater treatment.”

King earned a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and a Master of Business Administration in Finance from the University of Connecticut. He also holds a Project Management Professional certificate.

About Eljen Corporation

Eljen Corporation, a global leader in providing innovative products and solutions for protecting our environment and public health, specializes in the design, development and manufacture of treatment systems for onsite wastewater in both residential and commercial applications.

Founded by Joseph Glasser in 1970, Eljen delivers innovative and high-quality pre-fabricated products for septic wastewater treatment and management, foundation drainage and erosion control. The technology is designed to meet the needs of demanding and challenging water management sites. Eljen is a partner in navigating a complex regulatory environment and offers an engineering-led approach, providing design review for residential and commercial sites.

Eljen CorporationEljen is committed to the protection of our most precious water commodities and promoting the best American values.  Through 20 years of continued excellence from the managment team including Jim Donlin (past President and current advisor) and Linette Streete (Vice President), Eljen continues its manufacturing operations in East Hartford, CT.  The bulk of the work force are legal immigrants getting a fresh start in America and achieving their citizenship.  Eljen is a leader in its community and the wastewater community as it partners with charitable organizations to provide septic systems for wounded veterans and people in need.

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