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Commercial System in Kansas Uses GSF

A wind farm maintenance facility in Kansas used a GSF system when a conventional system wouldn't fit.

Commercial System in Kansas Uses GSF

Problem: A maintenance facility for more than 270 wind farms in south-central Kansas needed a new septic system after the conventional field failed in a short time due to poor soils and excessive use. The maintenance vehicles used the yard for general maintenance, parking, turning and storing heavy equipment. These activities compacted most available soil on the property. Poor receiving soils and limited areas for a new system dictated the need for a treatment solution that would provide high-quality effluent in a small footprint. A replacement conventional stone-and-pipe system would not fit in the area.

Solution: The Eljen team, along with Kansas Environmental Health Association, used the site for training and an installation demonstration. Bob Blasi of Adams Electric & Plumbing did the design and installation of an above-grade 450-gpd system on heavy clay soils. The system contains 36 A42 GSF (Geotextile Sand Filter) units in two laterals and is center-fed. The pump-to-gravity system has a distribution box in the middle of the two rows.

Result: The versatility of the GSF units allowed the designer to choose an in-ground or above-grade system, as well as work the layout suitable for the limited site. The repair system was raised and protected from maintenance vehicle traffic and parking. The smaller-treatment raised system was able to fit in the available space. 

As seen in the April 2020 Onsite Installer.

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