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China Lake Community GSF System

Eljen's GSF system provides treatment for limited space area for lakeside community.

China Lake Community GSF System

Problem:  Rustic lakefront cottages on China Lake in Kennebec Valley, Maine, were being coverted to seasonal condominiums.  An additional drainfield was needed in addition to the existing conventional systems in order to accommodate for the increase in cottages on the property and daily design flow.  While there were adequate soils on the site, there was limited space for a new drainfield and septic tank.

Solution:  Kane Coffin, from E.S. Coffin Engineering & Surveying, designed the 1990 gpd system that would take effluent from 10 of the two bedroom cottages.  Kempton Tobey & Son Inc installed the drainfield in a bed configuration, which consisted of 6 rows of 23 Eljen GSF Modules placed on a base of ASTM C33 sand.  The modules were spaced one foot apart, and overall dimensions of the bed was 23′ x 93′.  The effluent was delivered to the drainfield from one of the existing pump stations on iste, delivering 4 gallons per module per dose to the bed system.

Result:  The new system was installed with little overall site disruption and provided treatment and disposal in the same footprint.  The quick installation ensured that the condominiums will be ready for next year’s vacation season on the lake.

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