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Case Study: Sand Filter System Used to Increase Capacity

Eljen GSF used on a commercial site in Michigan to manage peak flows

Sand Filter System Used to Increase Capacity

PROBLEM:  A gas station in Clare County, Michigan, had a septic system sized for 4,000 gpd based on meter readings, but an upturn in the local economy saw increased meter readings of up to 9,000 gpd after the original system was installed.  An addition to the drainfield was needed to meet surge capacity on weekends.

SOLUTION:  County Wide Septic installed an Eljen GSF, or Geotextile Sand Filter, system provided by Milan Supply.  The additional drainfield is comprised of 80 B43 units and was installed in a bed configuration on a base of ASTM C33 sand.  The effluent is pumped up to a distribution box, which then gravity-feeds four zones.

RESULT:  The system is able to keep up with the increased traffic flow, meet the site constraints, and treat the effluent to NSF Standard 40 standards.

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