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Case Study: Pennsylvania Outhouse to GSF

The Eljen Geotextile Sand Filter system was chosen for Pennsylvania Outhouse

Pennsylvania Outhouse to GSF

Problem:  In southcentral Pennsylvania, homeowners were attempting to turn a 50 year old cabin into a full-time residence.  In the rustic dwelling, an outhouse was used, while a 5-gallon bucket beneath the floor collected graywater.  A small pump discharged graywater to the surface at the rear of the property.  Ultimately, concerns of the adjoining property owner led to an investigation by the municipality, and the property owner was required to upgrade wastewater facilities.  Lot size, well-location distance, site accessibility, aborption area, location and dwelling placement limited options.

Solution:  The Eljen Geotextile Sand Filter system was chosen.  Additional constraints included placement of the dosing tank and property line proximity that required a lower installation height for the system. Time dosing of the system was an additional attractive feature, as the absoprtion area had been reduced to accomodate the property.

Result:  The outhouse is gone and the adjoining property owners are satisfied.

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