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Case Study: Non-Traditional Bed Configuration Replaces Cesspool

A cesspool in Snyder County, PA is replaced with an Eljen GSF system on a difficult lot.

Non-Traditional Bed Configuration Replaces Cesspool

PROBLEM: A six-bedroom home in Snyder County, Pennsylvania, needed a replacement septic system. The older, existing cesspool failed and had to be repaired in order to sell the home. The site had multiple constraints, including 20 inches to a limiting factor, a poor perc rate, and setback constraints from a township diversion ditch, property line, neighbor’s well, and creek. A new system required over 1,700 square feet to meet regulations. An elevated sand mound would not fit on the site, and there were limited options for the usable available space.

SOLUTION: Jim Sanders’ design included 80 B43 geotextile sand filter modules from Eljen in a nontraditional bed configuration to meet sizing and square-footage requirements. The low-pressurized system was shaped to meet unique site features by using six rows of differing lengths, keeping laterals on contour and stepping laterals down the slope. Timed dosing was also used to spread out the total gpd over a 24-hour period. The system, along with the new septic and dose tanks, was installed by Cliff Crider and Matt Good, and the units and onsite training were provided by Expert Septic. 

RESULT: The homeowner now has a code-compliant system and is able to list it for sale. The system had lower material costs than an elevated sand mound, treats the effluent to NSF Standard 40 and meets Pennsylvania’s treatment standards. The system has minimal maintenance requirements, and no future media replacement is necessary.

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