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Case Study: Commercial System on Poor Soil

Eljen GSF system effective for food market with poor soil conditions.

Case Study Commercial System on Poor Soil

Problem:  A food market in north central Pennsylvania needed to repair its septic system after it malfunctioned.  Plans to expand the facility were also factored into the repair.  The site had multiple constraints, including a 20-inch limiting factor (bedrock) as well as poor soils (127 mpi).  because of this, a traditional system or elevated sand mound would not fit on the site.

Solution:  The designer specified an Eljen GSF bed system for the site, using 192 B43 modules and a dual-compartment tank for the 1,250 gpd system.  The system used low-pressure distribution by putting a 1.5 inch pressure lateral into the 4 inch SDR 35 perforated pipes that sit on top of the GSF modules.  The bed was separated into two zones, each 48 feet wide by 97.5 feet long that were alternately dosed.

Result:  The owners were able to expand the market and still meet the multiple site constraints with a system that is able to treat effluent to NSF Standard 40, has lower material costs, and requires no annual maintenance or media replacement in the future.

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