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Case Study: Apartment System in Quebec

A commercial septic system in Quebec uses Eljen GSF to fit an irregular lot.

Problem:  An apartment building in Mascouche, Quebec, needed a septic system to fit in an irregular lot.  The new six-unti building had a daily design flow of 6,500 liters per day (1720 gallons per day), and due to the limited space, an advanced treatment system that could treat wastewater in cold temperatures was required.

Solution:  The system required 130 m(1,100 square feet), including a safety factor, to be installed in a traingle shaped lot.  Enviro-STEP Technologies designed a system using the Eljen GSF A42 modules because they provide treatment and dispersal in the same footprint and because the product comes in 4-foot-long sections that can be installed in a variety of configurations.  Stephane Scourneaux Inc. installed the 103 GSF modules in 10 rows.  The system uses low-pressure distribution to ensure modules are equally fed in the uneven rows.

Result:  The apartment building has a low-maintenace septic system installed in the restrictive space.

Case Study: Apartment System in Quebec

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