Mantis M5 Used at Massachusetts Bed and Breakfast

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Sunnyside Farms is a 5 bedroom farmhouse with a separate 2 bedroom cottage.  The existing system had matured and an upgraded replacement system was required.  

The groundwater was estimated to be at 15". Douglas MacLeay, P.E. designed the system using Mantis M5.2 LowPro modules to minimize the mounding and size of the system.  A local vertical separation distance variance was granted to use 3 feet instead of 4 feet.

Thayer Excavating installed the system.  The new system included a new 2000 gallon dual compartment tank, a new 1500 gallon pump tank and a bed system of M5.2 LowPros.  

Mantis M5.2 Bed Install

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